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Portable Spill Containment


Portable Spill Containment

Hazardous leaks and spills are a relentless challenge, not only from a personnel safety perspective but also in relation to the damaging effects on the environment which can lead to expensive fines from local authorities. These flexible containment products, for indoor and outdoor use, capture anything from small leaks and drips to large scale spills up to 22,187 litres. Made of durable PVC coated fabric they are ideal for emergency use due to their compact design and portability.

Good spill containment practices offer a number of benefits:

  • Protects personnel and the environment
  • Supports corporate and government sustainability initiatives
  • Reclaiming spill liquids is cost effective
  • Increases efficiencies by keeping materials organized
  • Complies to laws and avoids fines

Product Features

Portable, versatile containment bunds which deploy quickly making them ideal for emergency spill response.


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