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BFishn™ Tackle

BFishN Jigs and Baits for Ice Fishing

At B FISH N™ Tackle, we design lures that catch. We have NEVER concerned ourselves with creating the next “flash in the pan” lure or having the glitziest packaging intended to catch more fisherman than fish!

Our focus has always been, and will always be on making high quality lures that have been refined through years of field testing before they are ever released to the public. 

When you make a purchase of B FISH N™ Tackle AuthentX™ plastic, a jig or blade bait, you can count on receiving the high quality product we know how to make and you can count on it catching fish!


  • AuthentX™ Pulse-R™

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    $4.49 - $47.80

    Swimbaits have been utilized by walleye and bass anglers for decades now, but not until the development of the Pulse-R™ Paddle Tail has a swimbait been this effective at ultra slow speeds. This bait is designed to come alive when fished slowly and...

  • H2O Precision Jig

    $5.50 - $9.95
    给大家推荐永久免费的服务器 给大家推荐永久免费的服务器 ,麻豆传媒MD0044林予曦 麻豆传媒MD0044林予曦

    H20 Precision Jigs feature premium quality Mustad® hooks … the sharpest hooks available, an integrated plastics “keeper” that holds the body of your bait tighter than any collar on the market and paint that just will...

  • AuthentX™ MOXI™

    $4.49 - $47.80

    Your prescription-strength “cure” for slow walleye fishing is now available over the counter … For decades, thin-profile plastics have quietly produced numbers of oversized walleyes for tight-lipped anglers on lakes and rivers across...

  • Draggin' Jig


    The Draggin’ Jig is the perfect jig for pulling walleyes, bass and panfish from the HEAVIEST COVER! Fish it with live bait or plastics to extract fish from places that used to be off-limits… Features a 1/0 hook, perfect for fishing...

  • B3 Blade Bait


    We’ve taken this popular blade bait to an entirely NEW LEVEL by adding premium-quality VMC® split-shank treble hooks, 3D prism eyes & chip-proof paint in HOT fish-catching paint schemes… and five of the available color patterns GLOW!...

  • Wolf's Big Dude Blade Baits

    $4.99 - $49.90

    The original and still the best, the Big Dude blade bait is back! Whether you are fishing the spring run of Walleye, Sauger or White Bass, the Big Dude can’t be beat. Casting to the tailraces when the water is cold, elicits monster strikes. Rip...

  • "Bucktail" Wayne's Bucktail Jig


    Each jig is tied with care by “Bucktail” Wayne Auchstetter. Wayne has honed his skills as an angler and jig maker through 40+ years of walleye fishing on the Mississippi River. We’re proud to offer Bucktail Wayne’s favorite color...

  • AuthentX™ 4" Ringworm

    $4.49 - $33.80

    The 4” Ringworm has earned the reputation as one of the most versatile soft plastic baits every created … deadly for early-season river ‘eyes and saugers or fished near deep weed edges and rocky shorelines for summertime largies and...

  • H2O Precision Jig Glitter

    $5.50 - $9.95

    We’re proud to give anglers what they asked for: H20 Precision Jigs in a flashy Glitter finish! We didn’t skimp on that fish-attracting glitter either; more glitter than Porter Waggoner's suit! Plus, Glow eyes that make them pop in low...

  • AuthentX™ 3.25" Paddletail

    $4.49 - $33.80

    Whether rigged on a Precision Series H20 jig head or a keel-weighted EWG hook, the 3.25” Paddletail is a champ! Tweak your jighead size and work a “countdown” method to fish any area of the water column … and rigged to...

  • Unpainted H2O Precision Jig

    $7.50 - $17.00

    H20 Precision Jigs feature premium quality Mustad® hooks … the sharpest hooks available, an integrated plastics “keeper” that holds the body of your bait tighter than any collar on the market and paint that just will NOT chip! All...